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Event Space and Catering at AmTech

Need an Event Venue? AmTech Offers Event Space!

AmTech Career Academy would be a great location for your next big event. 

Please send an email to our staff to (Opens in new window), and describe your event space needs. Tell us who you are, what business or organization you are with, the number of attendees you anticipate for your event, any special considerations or requests you might have of us, and of course be sure to include in the email the best contact information for us to use in our correspondence with you.

Oh and one more thing! We provide catering services if your AmTech-hosted event needs food and beverage service. Our Culinary Arts students at AmTech, alongside our AmTech Culinary Arts staff members, can provide your event attendees with a varied menu of food and beverage items during your event. See the AmTech Catering Services section below for more details.

AmTech Catering Services: We Offer Onsite Catering at AmTech

If you would like to learn more and submit a Google form regarding AmTech’s catering services, visit our School of Culinary Arts web page.

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