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School of Animal Science

Veterinary professional

School of Animal Science

In the Animal Science program, we dive into the awesome world of animals! We learn about the science, research, and even the business side of taking care of creatures big and small. This program teaches us how to use biology and life science to understand how animals live, whether it's in labs, on farms, or out in nature. We might explore places like a vet's office or a farm and even check out areas where animals hang out outdoors. Our mission is to study how animals grow, stay healthy, and sometimes face challenges like diseases or injuries. It's all about making sure our animal friends lead happy and healthy lives!

What You Can Learn:

  • Livestock animal management

  • Animal welfare

  • Animal handling

  • Animal body system

  • Reproduction, growth, development, and disease

What You Can Gain:

  • Certified Veterinarian Assistant, Level 1

  • Feedyard Technician in Cattle Care and Handling

What You Can Become:
(with additional education and training)

  • Animal Breeder

  • Animal Scientists

  • Medical Scientists

  • Veterinarian

  • Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

What You Can Take: 

  • Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

  • Small Animal Management

  • Equine Science

  • Veterinary Medical Applications

  • Advanced Animal Science

  • Practicum in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Programs of Study Guides (Google folder opens in a new window).


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